Review: Batman #6

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Ivan Reis


Gotham Girl has been broken! As the only remaining hero of the once amazing duo of Gotham and Gotham Girl, Gotham Girl has been mentally broken by the Psycho Pirate and only Batman can save her! Also what deal does Batman make with Amanda Waller, and what does it have to do with Bane and the Suicide Squad?



The conclusion to the “I Am Gotham” story line is here, and it seems so be brilliantly done! Here we see the aftermath of Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate’s alliance and how its totally torn apart Gotham Girl who’s talking to her now dead brother Hank as if he’s still alive. In every panel she carries on everyday conversation with herself while battling villains and saving lives as if everything is completely normal–but it’s not. Batman recognizes this loss in himself and turns to Alfred to answers on how to fix it. As usual Alfred gives us tremendous insight by reminding Bruce that he didn’t do anything to help him at all–after all he’s dressed as a bat that beats the crap out of people! It’s at this moment that Batman decides to have a talk with Gotham Girl–but as Bruce Wayne. Taking off the mask, and explaining his loss to Gotham Girl momentarily brings her sane until once again she flies off–and she’s back to talking to her dead brother Hank in her head. The book in itself easily makes us feel moments of sadness and regret all due to Hugo Strange–and Batman soon sets out after Amanda Waller to find Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate once and for all.



For a while now my biggest complaint with King was the lack of Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate actually being in the last two books. We have them mentioned of course but I wanted to actually see what Strange was working on, or at least a small hint of his plans. However  King proves me wrong in this book by showing us that Strange has larger plans at work. By the end of the book you’re given a surprise treat that I never saw coming. King does a great job of keep this surprise hidden throughout the entire book, and now I can’t wait for the next issue to see how Batman responds to Waller’s offer!



“I Am Gotham Epilogue” was a good read, although you’ll really need to read the previous issues to see exactly what’s going on. Ivan Reis’ artistic style is wonderful and very well detailed although the beginning of the book has its slow moments. I liked how we are taken out for a day in the life of Gotham Girl–however remember she’s currently unhinged so we’re seeing her broken and unsure of her abilities at the same time. The best part about the book is the ending itself and the revelation that Batman makes and how it all links to that damn Amanda Waller! She is easily one of my favorite supporting characters period and I definitely want more of her in Batman’s world! Check out Batman #6 and see what problems the Dark Knight has with Gotham Girl, Strange, and even the government! Great read!


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