Amy Adams Defends Zack Snyder On Playback Podcast

by Brandon Richardson
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Variety’s website hosts a podcast called “Playback.” On it during the Telluride Film Festival Amy Adams had stepped up to defend Zack Snyder saying,

Zack’s like the nicest person ever, and to see him kind of talked about like that was really hard for me, because he’s really such a respectful director.

Amy goes on in the podcast to talk about her experiences with directors from Steven Spielberg, to Mike Nichols, to David O. Russell, and Zack Snyder. With the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice getting such a thrashing it prompted Kristopher Tapley, host to “Playback,” to pose the question to her about how the moral was on set for the Justice League. She gives a very fond and reassuring answer that is well worth listening to all the banter. However, if you want to jump right to the interview with Amy Adams start listening at 20:05 minutes. Amy is so far set to continue her role as Lois Lane in the Justice League movie. She has a lot to say in the interview. There are a lot of topics that are covered in this podcast, from Amy Adams’ process of how she gets into character to balancing her role as a mother and actress, to various other aspects of the movie industry. Click here to go to the website and give the podcast a listen.


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