NYCC 2016: Batman’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77!

by Thomas ODonnell
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Another exciting announcement fresh from New York Comic-Con!

The Batman ’66/Wonder Woman ’77  six issue limited series was announced at the Wonder Woman 75th anniversary panel at New York Comic-Con. The series debuts as digital first in November and will see print in January!

Marc Andreyko is co-writing the series with Jeff Parker, David Hahn and Karl Kesel will be handling the art duties.

Andreyko said:

It’s six issues, the first two issues take place in 1944 with a 12-year-old Bruce Wayne, the second two take place in ’66, the final two in ’77, We’re introducing a villain who’s never been used on either of the shows but is super-famous in the comic books.

Batman ’66 is based on the 1966 Batman TV series starring Adam West and Wonder Woman ’77 is based on 1977 Wonder Woman TV series starring Linda Carter. Could we soon see the Trinity teaming up? Would it be George Reeves from the 1952 Superman TV series or Christopher Reeve from the 1978 Superman film wearing the cape? Who would you like to see, you sound off in the comments section below.

Enjoy the cover and a few interior pages below!


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