Review: Trinity #2

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer/ Artist: Francis Manapul

Trinity #2 takes us through a journey into the past where we get to see Clark as a child. Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman find themselves in front of Jonathan Kent Sr. (Clark’s father), while trying to find a young Clark Kent who has run away, scared of the unknown superheroes.


During this issue we get to see how Clark feels about his father and the appreciation he has for the man, when given the opportunity to talk to him again. Batman immediately begins questioning things while Wonder Woman tries to see both sides.


How did the trio find themselves back in time? Is this their timeline? What repercussions will their presence in Clark’s past have on the future? These are the questions weighing heavily on everyone’s mind as they navigate the terrain of Smallville and the past.


When I opened this issue I was rather confused but I do trust Francis Manapul and know that he crafts great stories. Manapul’s art is also superb in this issue. His use of colors, and more specifically, the pastel-like tones he uses always conveys such warm feelings or mysticism. At the same time, with a slight shift in hue, he can make scenes that are very creepy.

The beginning of this issue is rather jarring as it suddenly starts and there is a break in continuity from the last issue. The depiction of Jonathan Kent in this story is also very different from what readers may be used to and it is odd.

I really enjoyed this issue. While being a little hard to get into at first, it turns out to be a good story with a great twist at the end!


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