Suicide Squad Concept Art Reveals Different Joker/Harley

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When the first images of Suicide Squad were released fans were less than thrilled at the looks of the Clown Prince and Princess of Crime. The Joker’s “grill” and tattoos, and Harley’s red and blue scantily clad body were instantly scrutinized and rejected by the DC community. Despite its costume setbacks Suicide Squad was one of this summer’s hottest films overcoming the horrible Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Some concept art for the film was released last month and now another round has surfaced. Concept artist Christian Scheurer posted a new batch of designs on his website that includes Enchantress, Incubus, the Joker, and Harley Quinn among others. In one image, entitled “Joker’s Wedding,” we see a very different version of the clown duo than the ones shown in the final cut of the film. Joker has seemingly lost his facial tattoos and donned a more classic look, wearing a simple duster along with a dress shirt and a bow tie. His iconic slicked-back green hair is still featured, however.

Joker's Wedding Concept Art

Harley looks almost like her classic self with the red and black color scheme, although her outfit has also changed drastically. Instead of the “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” t-shirt and red/blue short-shorts, she wears what appears to be a black-and-red corset, complete with a white short skirt that resembles a frilly wedding dress. Her hair is the classic half-red half-black look as it does in the film, although it looks much more poofy and curly. While these concept are wonderful to admire, it will probably forever remain a mystery how and why the studio chose the costumes we see in the film.

To see more of the Suicide Squad concept art check out Christian’s work on his website here.

Suicide Squad arrives November 15th on Digital HD and December 13th on Blu-Ray.

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