Review: Catwoman Election Night

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Meredith Finch
Artists: Shane Davis & Igor Vitorino

Catwoman: Election Day sees Selina Kyle living in the midst of an election for Gotham’s mayor. Cobblepot is taking his stab at being a politician in this tale while running against Constance Hill. The political dimension to this story echoes the political climate of the day. Anyone currently observing the American political scene will enjoy these overt references.


At the same time, the reader gets to enjoy flashbacks of Selina’s past and where she spent her teens. Another small portion of her life is filled in, allowing readers to know a little bit more about the agile cat-burglar. Ms. Kitty, a woman who played no small role in Selina’s life, is a pleasure to meet as she gives unfortunate children a better life.


Finally, in the ending frames of the main story, readers of the series PREZ (2015) will enjoy a quick nod to their favourite child president.


This issue had me laughing so hard. The political appearance by Penguin is brilliant and clearly influenced by the current American election. The characters introduced in this issue are also so wonderful and interesting. They in themselves are living commentaries on the election but also about the nature of people and our capacity for evil.

There is a small twist in this issue regarding Constance Hill and it is made to be a shock. Certain characters act as though it is shocking. Unfortunately, it is obvious and the reader is just left looking on thinking, “well, yeah.”

I loved this issue, I was reading it at work and my coworkers started giving me funny looks and wanting to know what I was laughing about. The art is fantastic and Catwoman looks great as always. The writing of Meredith Finch is awesome, as to be expected after her run on Wonder Woman.


Konrad Secord-Reitz

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