Review: Action Comics #967

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Art: Tyler Kirkham
Colorist: Arif Prianto

This issue opens with a prophecy of sorts, the destruction of life on Earth by what appear to be the minions of Darkseid. Prophecy is being delivered by L’Call, and it’s clear it’s not Darkseid, though this person may be controlling the forces of Apokolips. And he is determined to proactively kill this person before the destruction of Earth.


Superman and son are in the Amazon rain forest where they’ve found the missing Geneticron building. They don’t get very far because back in Metropolis, Clark Kent has used his signal watch to alert the Man of Steel to trouble. While Lois was at the Daily Planet interviewing Lex Luthor, L’Call and attacked Lex. It seems that Luthor is destined to succeed Darkseid and destroy Earth as we know it. This looks like a job for Superman.


There’s lots of things to like in this issue, including some small details. Lois has a few humorous comments as Clark is not helpful at all. Luthor actually comes of as a reasonable person and that should serve this story well as it appears that he and Superman will be on the same side in this fight against L’Call. At one point when Superman and Jon are in the rain forest, Jon questions him on the nature of the red trunks on the previous version of his Superman costume. It’s a nice exchange wherein Jon represents the younger readers who mistakenly believe that the red trunks are underwear on the outside and Superman has to explain the actual nature of costume. It’s funny and clever all at the same time.


L’Call, while clearly serving his purpose in this story is a character type that could be easily underused. The situation presented could become morally complex and present a few challenges to the Man of Steel, the least of which will be the physical. How this actually plays out will be critical in the execution of this story line.


While this new threat is taking over the narrative, the lingering subplots continue to push the larger story forward. Jurgens seems to understand we are on a journey and parts of the story will unfold at different paces. This makes the storytelling enjoyable on different levels and holds your attention for the long run. The pacing is just right on all counts and I can’t imagine not coming back month after month to Action Comics.


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