Review: Earth 2 Society #18

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Bruno Redondo
Inks: Juan Albarran

Still trapped inside Pandora’s Box thanks to the actions of Fury, the Wonders of Earth 2 are still mostly separated and currently looking for a way out. Hunted by eerie copies of the hero Sandman, the heroes find themselves fighting for their own lives while also searching for a way out.



I’ve become a big fan of the work that Abnett has done with this book so far. Each hero is a counterpart to the heroes we all know and love, yet their personalities, motivations and beliefs are so separate and that gives these characters life. The particular bond between Batman and Huntress seems to stand out to me in this issue and I hope we see more of it in later issues.


My only real complaint here is that we still have NO Ultra-Humanite yet in this issue! I mean Abnett started us off having him threaten the entire world, and now we have nothing. Once Fury opened Pandora’s Box everything got trapped inside so my guess is that he’s there too, but where? And why hasn’t he attacked the Wonders yet? Abnett is definitely holding something up his sleeve with the Ultra-Humanite but I just wish there was at least a mention of him in this issue. It seems almost as if the Wonders forgot who caused this disaster to begin with.


Earth 2 was, as always, a good read. I’d recommend reading at least the previous two issues to have a clear understanding of what’s happening here in this issue though. The issue is a great read, but not something meant to be read completely on its own. Abnett does a wonderful job writing heroes who are struggling not only to fight the good fight but just to rebuild a broken world, period.


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