Review: Future Quest #7

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artists: Doc Shaner, Ron Randall and Steve Lieber
Inker: Veronica Gandini

The backstories are over. The main story is the only story. These universes have collided and secrets are revealed. Birdman is spending time teaching Ty how to be Mi-tor. Dr. Quest learns about double agents. Johnny seems nonplussed that his dad is…somewhere. We get to see a giant robot called Gargantuan from the inside out. This book might finally be heading somewhere.


The art team on this is so good. I can not even being to explain the brilliance of it. Look. I put a lot of images in this review because you need to check them out. They have so much to do. The universe of Hanna-Barbera is huge but there is an overarching feel to it. There are not a lot of hard angles even when characters are made of metal or are ripped like bodybuilders. There is a softness to it.


Inker Veronica Gandini needs to take a lot of credit for this too. I also think it was inspired to have more than one artist and that they mix up the pages. The feeling of flipping channels and seeing Jonny Quest on Channel 9 and Space Ghost on Channel 32 is there. You knew they were the same people making those shows, but there was just a slight difference. That is what this book is. It is a big hug to Xers who look at modern day cartoons and are sad. Thanks team; I needed that hug.


Jeff Parker has also figured out what this book is. I am not sure what the end game is, but I feel good about where it is headed. The backstories are over. We have all the principles in place. Zaniness can commence. I like the soul he has given some minor characters. That is good to see. We forget that there are a lot of moving parts to a story of this scope and even a dog and monkey matter to the telling.


The Space Ghost tease from last month was still just a tease this month. Come on, Mr. Parker. Give me some Space Ghost! As much as I appreciate you giving the back characters their due, the big guy still needs to shine. We can only watch a Superman movie so long before we need the big red S.

There are a few other characters that were introduced early in this run that have dropped out of sight. When do they come back? Will that slow the story down? The not knowing is painful.

The pieces are in place. The story is moving the right way. How far it goes is uncertain, but I feel good about this glorious trip down nostalgia lane.


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