Review: Wonder Woman #11

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Liam Sharp & Laura Martin

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor return to Themyscira, but not everything is as is seems.

I really like the cover by Liam Sharp and Laura Martin. It depicts Themyscira as old and decaying which is a nice preview of the issue. I also like the distress on Diana’s face; it’s all very well drawn and colored.


The interior art is drawn by Sharp with colors by Martin. It has a great atmosphere; the story is taking a darker turn and the art is reflecting that well especially in Martin’s colors. In the story, Themyscira and the Amazons look completely different than the way Steve and Diana remember them in “Year One.” That is made obvious to the audience as well thanks to the art. It’s really believable to the audience because Themyscira and the Amazons do look really different. That is really cool and takes advantage of the story alternating with “Year One.”


This issue makes the overall story a lot more interesting. While no answers are given, the mystery is really heightened when Wonder Woman is in Themyscira and it is unrecognizable; she has never been home throughout the New 52. There’s an implication that the stories of the New 52 didn’t happen; I am curious if that is true especially since other DC characters such as Donna Troy and Superman played a part in those stories.

This is a solid issue. The story is brought to a much more intriguing place with an almost desperate tone because of Diana’s state of mind right now. The art is great throughout especially when compared to the art of “Year One” in order to see the differences Diana and Steve are talking about.


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