[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Art Baltazar & Franco

Artist: Art Baltazar

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have to take on Brainiac.

I like the cover. The stars are cool and give it an explosive feel. I like the designs of the characters as well which sell the tone of the book.


The interior art by Art Baltazar is really fun. It’s really colorful and over the top in all right ways. The idea of this series seems to be what if kids made comics. The style looks like how an insanely talented child might draw these characters which I like.


The writing really feels like kids playing with toys. It’s really creative and over the top but also simple if that makes any sense. There’s an innocent fun to the book. And, similar to Teen Titans GO!, there is an element of parody as well which makes it work. My favorite moment is how Batman escapes from New Krypton. It’s absolutely hilarious.

I really enjoyed Superman taking on Batman’s villains. Normally, what’s done with that idea is that the villains are too much for Clark to handle. Gotham is simply too dark. That’s not the case here; Superman quite easily dispatches the villains. He is certainly grossed out and disturbed by what he sees but they’re not a physical threat in any way. The comic manages to glorify all three of DC’s trinity and not just Batman at the cost of the other two.

The issue is really heavy on exposition. There are certain elements of the status quo that are different from what a person is used to. These changes are awkwardly conveyed through a lot of dialogue. It’s so over the top that it almost works as a joke but it ends up feeling very tedious.

I really enjoyed this issue. It’s fun and silly which is nice. Kids will love this series but I think adults will get a kick out of the zaniness as well. The art is cool and a lot of the jokes are genuinely funny. I recommend checking this issue out.


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