Review: Deathstroke #8

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan

Deathstroke might have finally run out of options as he’s forced to face Superman! The Man of Steel has been sent to apprehend Deathstroke by the government. How can Slade defend himself against Earth’s greatest hero?

This story was amazing from start to finish! Priest gives a satisfying conclusion to this run, and everything that Slade has done has been laid bare at this point. An enemy of Slade’s sends Superman after him, but Superman isn’t as dumb as she thinks he is. Superman isn’t going to be manipulated by the government and has his own plans on stopping Deathstroke once and for all.

I really have no complaints about this issue at all. Rose is tying up her own loose ends as well and Priest does a great job of going between the battle and Rose’s own mission without missing a beat between the two stories. I’d love to read a title on Deathstroke’s daughter — I’m starting to really like Rose as a character.

Hands down this book is insane! I went into it think a fight against Superman would be extremely one sided, however Slade shows off his skills in stealth and being a tactician. The story was great, the action flawless and I can only hope their will be another Deathstroke vs Superman encounter in the future.

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