Review: Earth 2 Society #19

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Bruno Redondo

Still trapped inside Pandora’s Box, the wonders now realize that the world their is becoming more real by the minute, with people and events unfolding in perfect harmony…too perfect. As the wonders attempt to investigate they’re attacked by more copies of The Sandman!

This book immediately continues from the previous and we still find our heroes separated from each other. As Superman and the others attempt to get regular clothes to infiltrate the citizens of Metropolis, Batman and Huntress meets an underground resistance fighter who let’s them know that this world is far from perfect. We finally find out that the Ultra-Humanite is in charge here, ruling the new world with an iron fist with copies of The Sandman as his personal police force.

I really have no complaints about this issue. The artwork is beautiful and consistent on each page by Bruno Redondo and the overall story so far by Abnett has been enjoyable. It’s quite clear that the wonders are focused on rebuilding their world no matter what and the prime focus here isn’t just about saving the world either.

Society was a good read but definitely must be read with the previous issue. It directly throws you into the action and we all know how much I’m a fan of that. Abnett does a wonderful job showing heroes who’ve already seen a world lost, but now they make sure it won’t and can’t happen again. I’m excited to see how the next issue plays out with the Ultra-Humanite.

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