Review: Scooby Apocalypse #8

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis
Artists: Dale Eaglesham, Ron Wagner, Marc Deering & Jose Marzan Jr.

Breathing room. A pause. That’s what the team needs and that’s what they found in a local hospital. The gang is taking their time in this issue to repair Fred’s leg from the incidents of the previous issue. This calm issue of Scooby Apocalypse allows the team to connect and we get to explore the insanity of what’s happened.

With this issue we’re really getting to see the gang breathe and understand each other. They are beginning to form a plan of attack and go on the offensive, instead of just running fast with their collective tail between their legs. Unfortunately, there is always something around the next corner.

The thing I enjoyed most about this issue was the shift in art style, it reminded me of the old cartoons I watched as a child. The levels of gore and creativity in the monsters is also much appreciated as they aren’t just old school movie monsters anymore.

Daphne is still ribbing Velma at this point and it is becoming old. While certainly realistic, I don’t think it reads well as we aren’t seeing much development in her character.

The monsters and main discussions of this issue are really cool and I liked the new setting of the hospital. Readers will probably enjoy this issue.

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