DC Cancels Legend of Wonder Woman Part 2; here’s how you can help

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Artist and writer Renae De Liz, announced yesterday, the upcoming Legend of Wonder Woman Part 2 series has unfortunately, been cancelled.

She also tweeted,

“Biggest concern is how to support my family through Christmas with the sudden loss of finances, being I have three kids and just found out one is on the way”

Even after the announcement, she wrote:

“I am very grateful to DC for the opportunity to work with such an iconic character over the last few years, that was a joy like none other”

Renae De Liz shared some designs for the project, not final though.

She also shared, the pitch images for the second part of her to-be saga.

How do I help?

To support Renae De Liz, go to GoFundMe.

To support Legend of Wonder Woman, Part 2 and the opportunity to get the project back on track, go to Change.org and sign the petition.

And to support the series as a whole, the Legend of Wonder Woman HC is out now, so if you want a signed & sketched copy, email [email protected].

For more information:

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