[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Bryan Hitch
Artists: Neil Edwards, Daniel Henriques & Adriano Lucas

The Justice League has to take on several super villains and stop them from getting an advanced A.I.

I like the cover by Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan and Brad Anderson. Amazo is one of the biggest threats in the DC Universe so it’s exciting to see the League try their best to deal with him on the cover. It’s an engaging image. It’s also incredibly well drawn and colored.

The interior art features pencils by Neil Edwards, inks by Daniel Henriques and colors by Adriano Lucas. The art team really has a challenge in having to create this insane spectacle and they do a good job. The art looks great and is genuinely exciting. Because so much of the issue is action, the issue has to somewhat rely on the art. I really like it; the faces are expressive, there’s a lot of nice detail and the colors work in creating a somewhat desperate tone.

I have a soft spot for Jessica Cruz so it is awesome to see her come in and save the day at the end. I love how effective she gets to be.

The ending is a little disappointing. The resolution is a little rushed and way too easy. It just feels anticlimactic. It’s an exciting issue up until that point.

Overall, this is a good issue. For the most part, the issue takes complete advantage of its premise and has fun with it. The issue is engaging and exciting with great art. However, the ending is too abrupt for my taste. It still works overall. I recommend reading this issue.

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