Review: Nightwing #11

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Marcus To
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor

Nightwing remembers back to the night in Gotham years ago that he and Batman busted the Defacer – Shawn Tsang. He believes she was not really a bad person. Now, he realizes he’s stumbled upon something of a Super Villains Anonymous group, and he’s broken up their therapy session. He leaves after some arguing, but with a thank you from the fellow running the group for the person who scared them straight.

Nightwing still believes Gorilla Grimm to be innocent of the murder charge and he goes out looking for evidence. He finds what he’s looking for and returns the next time to see Shawn alone. They make peace with some confessions and Nightwing’s promise to clear Grimm’s name. As they are about to share a moment, the Blüdhaven Police arrive and take Tsang in for questioning, presumably related to Grimm’s murder charge.

The development of the group of reformed villains, the Runoffs is a really different and unique approach in Nightwing.  It allows for a different type of story.  While the Runoffs do blame Nightwing for their predicament and have a stance of general hostility towards him, we know that Nightwing is going to try and do the right thing by these people.

As it appeared things were going to get romantic with Tsang before the police showed up, she seems to believe Dick is sincere and will help the Runoffs.  The key to this was allowing Dick to share his feelings with Shawn.  It was a nice moment that presents Dick’s complete mental and emotional state for the reader as well.

Not a lot of that here.  It does seem that this story line will expose a corrupt city government and/or police force.  We’ve seen that before.

Nightwing #11 continues to develop the story lines introduced last issue with some surprises along the way.  Blüdhaven appears to be a place that Dick will not only come to call home, but be a bottomless source of interesting and challenging conflict.

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