Review: Blue Beetle #5

by Derek McNeil
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Writers: Keith Giffen & Scott Kolins
: Scott Kolins

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil

The issue opens with Jaime’s mother at her Free Clinic, treating a Posse member named Quick Draw’s injuries, while Blur looks on. A strange looking man called Mordecai enters the office, transforms into an armoured giant, and attacks Dr. Reyes.

Quick Draw and Blur attempt to fight off Mordecai and rescue Jaime’s mother. Blur whisks her away to the Police Station, but Mordecai teleports into the station right behind them.

Meanwhile, Jaime tell his friends Brenda and Paco that he hasn’t gotten any results from the tests done by Teri Magnus, a scientist working for Ted Kord. As they pass the police station, there is an explosion, and Mordecai emerges with Jaime’s mother.

Jaime transforms into the Blue Beetle and attacks Mordecai, who reveals that he was merely trying to draw Jaime out. Blur quickly moves Dr. Reyes to safety, where she is spotted by investigators Sugar and Spike.

Meanwhile, Mordecai has Jaime immobilized and has started removing the Blue Beetle Scarab, a process Jaime won’t survive.

However, the Posse appears and joins the fight just in time to stop the Scarab’s removal. Jaime is weak but still alive.

Ted Kord rushes to the scene and sends Teri Magnus to round-up Jaime’s father and sister and take them to safety. She does so at super-speed – she is a speedster!

Jaime recovers and is enraged that Mordecai went after his mother. He then unleashes the full fury of the Beetle armour’s power at the villain. An unseen voice declares Mordecai to be a disappointing apprentice and summons him away from the fight.

As Mordecai departs, a large explosion leaves Jaime standing in a small crater.

Elsewhere, we see Mordecai being reprimanded by his master for going after the Blue Beetle scarab without his approval. His master is being watched, and due to Mordecai’s actions, the watcher is coming after them – the watcher being Doctor Fate.

I didn’t clue in until I saw her use super-speed this issue, but Teri Magnus is the future Flash from Justice League 3000/3001 titles. The pre-Flashpoint Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) was also in those titles. So, that leave me wondering if this is the same Teri Magnus, or is the New 52 DCU’s counterpart of her. It will be interesting to see if there is a connection there.

Also, with Teri Magnus, Sugar and Spike, and Doctor Fate all in the series, we can see that Giffen and Kolins enjoy making use of DC’s stable of characters. I wonder who we’ll see next. With Ted Kord as a major player in the title, I have little doubt that Booster Gold will put in an appearance sooner or later.

Once again, there’s little I can say that’s negative about the book. The only thing bothering me is my impatience to find out more about Ted’s tenure as the Blue Beetle. However, that will likely be revealed as the overarching Rebirth story plays out.

At first, I didn’t think this would be one of my favourite series, but I should have realized that with Giffen involved, that it would be something special. Lesson learned.

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