Review: Deathstroke #11

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Denys Cowan

Deathstroke is  loose on the streets of Chicago! When families of murdered black teens have had enough of the gang violence, they hire Slade Wilson to do the job! In a night of violence, Slade is killing every gang member in the streets. But is he actually doing the right thing? And once the gangs find out who paid the money, what happens to their families?

This issue was amazing and hit home in a lot of areas! Priest really dives into talking about the crime and shooting violence in Chicago in this issue. Starting the story with an attempted rape turned tragic shooting, we see that there are often two very different sides of the story in gang violence. Priest tells the story not through the eyes of Slade in this issue, but reporter Jack Ryder who’s also known as The Creeper! Priest also gives a shocking reveal at the end of the story that I never saw coming–I mean literally there’s no hint, no clues or anything so when the reveal was made I was totally shocked.

Priest really does a good job in this issue and I can’t find any faults in the points he’s trying to bring here. Gang violence is really heavy in America and especially in the black community so it’s great that its being talked about here. Cowan does a great job with the art and the pages never feel crowded or dull for that matter. It seems that Priest and Cowan together give us a “detective noir” book through the eyes of Jack Ryder and that was pretty interesting to see.

Deathstroke #11 is a great read and I hope DC continues to put out more titles that talk about and tackle issues like this book did. It wasn’t too political and it still kept me plenty entertained while at the same time forcing me to think. I hope Priest and other writers at DC continue to put out good, informative stories like this one in the future.

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