Review: The Hellblazer #6

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Simon Oliver
Artists: Pia Guerra, Jose Marzan Jr. & Carrie Strachan

Mercury tells Constantine about her time in the other dimension.

The cover by John Cassaday and Paul Mounts. It’s a really evocative image that grabs your attention. It looks great.

The interior art features pencils by Pia Guerra, inks by Jose Marzan Jr. and colors by Carrie Strachan. And it is gorgeous. The other dimension looks incredible. I am really impressed by this team here. They also do a great job of making the two dimensions feel different. A lot of that is thanks to Strachan’s colors. In our dimension, there is a lot of grey and moodiness while there is a lot of green and blue in the other dimensions.

I like Mercury. She’s a fun and snarky character; I appreciated getting to spend an issue focused on her. I am also intrigued by the mystery surrounding her.

The pacing of this story still feels off. This issue is part six and I feel like each issue moves at a snail’s pace. I’m honestly kind of bored and disinterested.

This is an okay issue. I love the art and it is worth seeing but the story is pretty dull. I’m having a hard time getting engaged which is unfortunate. I recommend waiting for the trade on this one.

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