[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Pencils: Howard Porter

The Heart of Darkness has totally taken over Max Lord’s mind! Now known as Eclipso, he’s blocked out the sun and brought night upon the entire planet. In a last ditch effort, Batman, along with Lobo, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost and others take on an Eclipso-controlled Justice League!


Williamson brings it all home in this issue! Here at the conclusion of Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Williamson doesn’t disappoint. I love how we see all three masters of manipulation shine in this issue — Amanda Waller, Max Lord, and Batman. All three really manipulate their teams to ultimately get what they want, and Williamson does a great reveal at the end as to who really pulled the strings to get Max’s plan going in the first place! When the reveal was dropped in the end, I totally didn’t expect it and that was great! Hopefully we see another series where we can see these three playing mind games with each other again!

Although I went on a Batman rant last week, Williamson redeems himself in this conclusion! Batman wasn’t overused and the interactions between him and other characters is well done! Killer Frost even has a redeeming moment in the book that I found quite admirable and I have to admit I want to see more of Frost in the future. Williamson does a great job of showing a broken villain here within her. The moment between Lobo and Batman is pretty funny as well, especially when Batman tells Lobo about a “special team” that he’s putting together.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad was an enjoyable series to read! It’s clear from its conclusion that there will be more encounters between these teams in the future and I’m all for it! Williamson even does a great parting shot where we see the League and the Squad all laughing and talking together. Conversations between Quinn and the Flash, and especially Wonder Woman and Captain Boomerang were pretty hilarious and true to their respective characters. I can’t wait to see another set up between Batman, Amanda Waller and Max Lord. All three have one thing in common — they use anyone or anything to achieve their goals and get what they want. Throughout the entire series each one uses their teammates to accomplish their goals, and they all succeed in their own way. The biggest winner out of this encounter however seems to be Amanda Waller. That lady is someone you’ll definitely respect! After reading this series if you’ve never been a fan of Amanda “The Wall” Waller then I promise that you will!

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