Aussie Artist George Evangelista teases the full Justice League with his latest master piece

by Damian Fasciani
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If you don’t know him already, then I’ll introduce him to you. Aussie artist George Evangelista is a phenomenal talent, for years he has been blowing the minds of pop culture fans all over the world with his incredible artwork. He is well-known on social media platforms, FaceBook and Instagram for his original work, and edits to existing digital images that represent current and upcoming films / characters.

His latest creation is an edit to the recently released image of part of the Justice League that took the world by storm. We saw Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, and Cyborg standing side by side. George Evangelista has taken that image and digitally added in the missing Justice League members. Here is the image.

You can follow George’s work on Facebook and Instagram. Let us know what you think.

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