Review: Batman #16

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tom King
Pencils: David Finch

After the events of Santa Prisca, Batman is busy helping Gotham Girl get her mind back on track after being broken by the Psycho Pirate. However, Bane is coming to Gotham to get Psycho Pirate back — and everyone that Batman considers an ally is in danger!

It seems that Batman is addressing the troops in this issue and at of all places Batburger! King had me dying laughing at the beginning of this issue where we have Bruce, Dick, Damian and Jason all out at a fast food restaurant. It was very comical seeing the boys outside of their costumes acting as real brothers playing and making fun of each other. King did a great job demonstrating the bond and love the Bat-family has for each other, especially when Bruce tells them to back off of tracking Bane.

King really gives no negatives with this issue, as Batman is basically spending his time attempting to rally his allies in the city to let them know to back off from Bane. For some reason, Bruce is hell bent on confronting Bane alone, and even declines Catwoman’s help although she helped with the island infiltration a few issues back. I’m thinking that Batman knows what Bane is truly capable of and is really making sure that his allies all stay safe from the upcoming conflict.

Batman #16 is a good read. King does a great job of showing life without the masks for Batman and his boys as well too. Batman may be a loner, but its Bruce that has the need for family and it’s shown here brilliantly. We also have some great action in the book as well, with an ending that I completely didn’t see at all! Bane isn’t present in this issue yet but he’s already making his presence known!

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