Laurence Fishburne Explains why he’s not in ‘Justice League’ and Talks BVS Backlash

Laurence Fishburne explains why he will not be appearing in this year’s Justice League and addresses the backlash towards Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

During an interview with LA Times, Laurence Fishburne, who stars as Clark Kent’s boss at the Daily Planet – Perry White, explained why he will not be appearing in the next DCEU film.

“They asked me to come for a day, but I couldn’t work it out, schedule-wise.”

He seems confident his character was ultimately not needed on Justice League and states, as a comic book fan, what he thinks fans really want to experience.

“And really, what do you need the newspaperman in Justice League for?” he added. “You want to see the Flash. You want to see Aquaman. You want to see Wonder Woman. You want to see the Lantern.”

“This is the comic-book geek in me, who has a collection of comic books. I’ve been waiting to see these people on-screen forever.”

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The Green Lantern has not been confirmed as part of the Justice League’s roster for the upcoming film, therefore, Fishburne may just be referencing the Lantern because of the current roster in the comics.

Later in the interview, Fishburne also addressed the backlash towards Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“Look, I love what Zack Snyder does. Jesse Eisenberg, this little nebbishy guy, as Lex Luthor? For me, that’s a genius move. And the whole thing with Martha Kent and Martha Wayne? I don’t know, man, I must be sentimental but that’s some heartwarming [stuff] to me. So I don’t get it.”

Just as many fans of the films, and comics altogether, Fishburne did not understand where are all those negative reviews coming from.

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