Review: Mother Panic #3

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Jody Houser and Jim Krueger
Artists: Tommy Lee Edwards and Phil Hester

Violet and Kathy have some words. Most of the words they have are F-bombs dropped by Violet. There is also a fight. As is the law, when two heroes meet for the first time, they fight. Violet, is not a hero, she is a cold blooded killer. However, she is forced into the hero game. She is not really thrilled about that.  We learn a bit about Violet’s past.

In the back story, we learn a bit more about what is going on at the radio station in Gotham. A bunch of people are kissing the ass of the new overnight Shock Jock who plans on “shooting holes in Batman.” I can see how Violet will find that interesting.

As much as I am afraid of Violet Paige, I kind of love her too. She is the perfect addition to the Batworld. In fact, can someone let Red Hood and the Outlaws be a Young Animal title too? Seriously. That would be awesome. Sorry. Back to this book. Gotham is a horrible place. Violet has survived some horrible stuff. She is damaged. She is angry. She has a superpowered white Batsuit. She has money, means, time on her hands, and a vast intelligence. She is everything that a Bat-hero would be if the world were real and lived in Chicago. She is truly a masked vigilante. She is a menace that must be stopped, but, can we just not stop her yet? Please? Thanks.

Tommy Lee Edwards has some fun with this book. He plays with shadows, but he plays with light too. Of course those are the same thing really. Having a superhero who prowls the night, dressed in all white it so original and Edwards really plays with it. Also, he has some amazing fight scenes too. There are pages of zero dialogue and all kinds of action. While nothing is being said, the plot is moved along. It is expertly done.

The Gotham Radio segments in the back of the issue seem to be making less and less sense while they move toward making some sense. Did that make sense? No? Right. I get that. We see why the shock jock guy wants the job at a radio station where he can disparage the Bats, but we still do not get why they want him. He is a jerk. He seems like a hot head and trouble. I suppose in real life businesses make terrible decisions, but this seems a bit too forced. I just don’t buy it. A comic full of reality needs to be real across the board.

I still really like the main book. I like it a lot. I like it so much I wanted it to come out a week before it did. I hope the back story and the main tale merge pretty soon. More Violet equals better book.

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