DC & Looney Tunes Special Looks the Goods!

by Damian Fasciani
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Two iconic brands come together in this great special. The DC Universe meets Looney Tunes. These brilliant pieces are just wonderful in their style, colouring, with each piece of art telling a unique story.

My personal favourite is the Road Runner with what seems to be him asking Lobo for help!

We are keen for your feedback, what’s your favourite?

Batman. Elmer Fudd. 

DC Looney Tunes batman dc comics news


Martian Manhunter. Marvin the Martian.
DC Looney Tunes martian manhunter dc comics news
Lobo. The Road Runner.
DC Looney Tunes lobo dc comics news
Jonah Hex. Yosemite Sam.
DC Looney Tunes dc comics news

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