Review: Batman Beyond #5

by Derek McNeil
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Bernard Chang

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil

Having just discovered that Bruce Wayne is still alive, Terry McGinnis reviews his memories of Bruce’s death. Terry checked the site of his death afterwards, but all that was left was incinerated rubble, and no one had time to verify the deaths of those assumed to have died.

Max informs Terry that a small transport has been tracked leaving the Jokerz lair and heading for the Wayne-Powers building. Terry guesses that Terminal is after Keystone, “the world’s ultimate intel gathering device” built by Bruce.

Terry’s guess is right, and Terminal reveals to his lackey that his plan to resurrect the Joker was actually a ruse to keep Bruce Wayne alive. In the aftermath of the war, Terminal had recognized an unidentified injured Bruce Wayne, and had seen the possibilities of using him to get access to Keystone.

Terminal then uses Bruce’s palm print and retinal scan to get past the security around the Keystone device, but when the vault doors open, he finds Batman waiting within. As Terminal and Batman fight, Terminal’s lackey awakens the comatose Bruce and throws him from the building.

Terry breaks off the fight to rescue Bruce, but Bruce orders him to capture the janitor instead, but Terry ignores him and saves him anyway. Terminal and his lackey escape in the transport, but Terry’s brother Matt attempts to shoot it down. He fails to do so, but damages the ship so that it can’t get far, though.

Terry is thrilled to be reunited with Bruce. “This is a great day, Bruce! You’re back… and the Joker is still dead.” Bruce replies ominously, “About that.”

In the epilogue, we see that Terminal and his lackey have crashed. Terminal orders him to grab a crowbar and get to work. The lackey replies, “If you say so,” and proceeds to beat Terminal viciously. He says, “No one uses the Joker’s name! No one uses–my name!” pulling back his hood to reveal he is the Joker.

Not only is Bruce back from his apparent death, but so is the Joker. You can bet there will be a major confrontation coming soon. Plus, it will be interesting to see how Terry and Bruce will work together. Terry is now the Batman, but the Joker will be fixated on the original. Terry will have to not only convince Bruce to let him face the Joker, but keep the Joker from coming after Bruce.

Not much room for negativity, other than the reunion of Bruce and Terry had to be kept short to fit all the action into this issue. Hopefully, we will get to see Bruce and Terry getting re-acquainted in the next issue before diving into the next storyline.

Batman Beyond is looking a lot like the classic version again now that both Terry and Bruce are back, and the return of the Joker certainly promises exciting stories to come.

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