Review: Blue Beetle #6

by Derek McNeil
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Keith Giffen & Scott Kolins
: Scott Kolins

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil

As the issue begins, Jaime is angrily demanding answers from Ted Kord, but although Ted has deduced some of what Jaime has learned, he needs Jaime to fill in some of the details. Jaime tells Ted about one of the creatures transforming into a member of the Posse.

Ted postulates that the people being taken are those that are unlikely to be missed, and that whoever or whatever is behind these creatures is building an army. Ted notes that this unknown being is strongly interested in Jaime’s Blue Beetle Scarab. Jaime senses that Ted is holding something back, so Ted tells Jaime about Dan Garrett.

Despite Jaime’s mother being angry that Ted knew more about the Scarab then he let on, Ted maintains that he still intends to remove the Scarab from Jaime if possible. Jaime isn’t pleased to hear that it might not be possible to remove it, and he doesn’t find Ted’s protestations that he doesn’t know reassuring.

As Ted, Jaime, and his mother argue, Doctor Fate listens in and follows when Jaime flies away angrily.

Jaime finds his way to Mordecai and his master, and attacks Mordecai. Mordecai removes Jaime’s soul from his body, but freed from Jaime’s control, the Blue Beetle armour is larger and more powerful than Mordecai can handle.

Just as the armour is about to kill Mordecai, Doctor Fate steps in. Doctor Fate tells Jaime that he regrets having to do so, but that he will have to kill him.

We are slowly getting more hints about Ted’s tenure as the Blue Beetle. Jaime’s friend Paco mentions Ted being a failed superhero. It will be interesting to see what that means exactly. What is Ted’s failure? Also, Jaime’s mother utters the suspicion that Ted wants the Scarab himself, to become a superhero. Could it be true that Ted’s motives are more self-serving than they seem?

The only real problem I have is that the information about Ted’s history as the Blue Beetle is being revealed at a maddeningly slow pace. Perhaps now that some major Rebirth developments are coming, some more revelations might be forthcoming.

The action is hitting high gear now, and I eagerly await to see next issues confrontation with Doctor Fate. This title holds some of Rebirth’s most tantalizing secrets, and it’s a pleasure to scour each issue for more hints.

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