Toy Fair News! Square Enix Shows Off More Alternate Characters

Quality over quantity is what Square Enix believes in when it comes to their action figures. The company has released not only Marvel Variants but some Tetsuya Nomura designs as well. Nomura is behind the design of Kingdom Hearts and has brought us some wicked-looking Batman and Catwoman figures in previous years, but this year his Joker and Harley designs may take the cake. Joker and Harley are transforming figures that come with two different “modes.”

S.E. themselves don’t know the extent of Nomura’s world, but we know it’s pretty crazy. Joker is living as an old man in disguise with a wheelchair while Harley is his nurse. His wheelchair turns into some mechanized arms and Harley has an armor that turns her into some sort of killer nurse. Nomura is only just getting warmed up, there’s a whole Rogue’s Gallery and Bat-Family to explore after all!

Yes, S.E. also did some Marvel figures…but we don’t care because this is a DC site not a Marvel site.

Who would you like to see Nomura transform next?

Shaina Lucas

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