Review: Watching Time The Unauthorized Watchmen Chronology

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WATCHING TIME:  The Unauthorized Watchmen Chronology 

By Rich Handley

Foreword by Brian Cronin

Essay by  Duy Tano

Layout and Design by Paul C. Giachetti

If you’re a Watchmen fan then this brilliant book is something for your collection. I was lucky enough to be handed a copy for review and even though I historically haven’t been a huge fan, I was still interested in looking at it. I’ll consider myself an outsider, not knowing too much about this particular universe. With that, you’ll know I’m not biased in any way.

The book is well written with its structure allowing you to navigate through any part  finding what it is you’re interested in reading. The Forward is well crafted and set’s the tone quite nicely.

You’ll appreciate the detailed timeline which is the core component of the book, spanning across 284 pages. Part I all the way through to Part XII brings context, back story, and draws you into an adventurous world.

The Crime Line is also included and has a  host of super villains and heroes that have all been part of the Watchmen history. However, my favourite part of the book is the Cover Gallery. I love this part of the book because I am huge on visuals and artwork. As beautiful as words are on paper, they are highlighted with amazing imagery, and that brings expression in various ways. For the Watchmen fans that collect, this gallery’s purpose is to help you with your everlasting hunt for more books. A beautiful layout of covers that won’t disappoint and can be used as your own personal guide to expanding on that Watchmen collection.

Overall the book is written well and is a great read not just for Watchmen fans, but pop culture fans in general. The book was fun, dynamic, and engaging in a way that I didn’t expect. I highly recommend fans invest in a copy and you can order the book online from Amazon here

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