Review: Earth 2 Society #22

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Vicente Cifuentes

It’s been six months since The Ultra-Humanite’s failed attempt at world domination by trying to bend the world to his will using Pandora’s Box! With his failure, come the success of the Wonders! See how its heroes continue to build a once broken world!

Dan Abnett does a great job of showing how amazing the world of Earth 2 is. Each page shows the Wonders doing what they do best — saving lives no matter who they are. We see everything from cat rescues to Superman talking a man down from committing suicide. The Wonders are all about saving lives. Toward the end of the book, we even finally get to see what happens to Batman, who as you may recall was broken by The Ultra-Humanite. Dick Grayson now serves as Oracle, the team’s tactician and technical support. Abnett did a great job with placing Dick in this position and there is a replacement Batman in the field as well.

My only complaint about this issue is the narration. In the first few pages the narration gives you a history. Abnett perfectly describes the struggle and war the Wonders went through to build their new world. However with each page turn the narration seems to turn more and more into a speech–with no purpose whatsoever. The overall read was good, but Abnett could’ve went a little different with the narration.

I thought that Earth 2 was a good read. There is no real threat in this book, as we see the Wonders pretty much just stopping everyday crime. However Abnett does a great job at showing the hope and optimism that these heroes have. They truly survived their entire world being lost, and they definitely won’t let it happen again.

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