Review: Titans #9

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Brett Booth

The Titans, at the request of an old friend, investigate a case, but things go south when the Fearsome Five show up. A fight should be going down between the two teams but it seems that the Fearsome Five are reformed. Not all members of the Titans are buying this however and soon the truth is revealed!

Finally we get a Wally West/ Dick Grayson team up! Since Wally’s return in DC’s Rebirth I’ve always wanted to see the amazing duo of Flash and Nightwing back together again! Abnett gives us that in spades! The way that Wally and Dick talk to each other always has me laughing. You can tell they have a genuine friendship outside of the costume. Hopefully Abnett gives us more partnerships in the future between the two in the future as well.

I don’t have any complaints about this issue. It’s a good, solid story and the pacing is great. The Fearsome Five make a great entrance and the fight between Mammoth, Nightwing and Flash was great. Brett Booth does a wonderful job with his artwork and the fight scenes are some of the most detailed. I love what Booth does with Flash’s costume. Wally West to me has one of the best costumes in DC so it’s great that Booth pays so much attention to every detail with it.

I thought the Titans #9 was a good read. You’d definitely have to read the previous issue however if you want any clue on what’s going on. Abnett directly drops you in from the previous issue and immediately introduces you into the Fearsome Five. Abnett also addresses Roy’s drug addiction as well, which I thought was a great moment for Roy and the team. Although they’re heroes it’s good to see a humanizing or emotional moment for them and Abnett has this moment with Roy.

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