[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Jesus Merino & Andy Owens

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil

The issue begins with the younger Wally West dreaming about Daniel West, who he had believed was his uncle, but was recently revealed to be his father. “Uncle” Daniel tells Wally, “You don’t want to be like me when you grow up.” Wally asks why he shouldn’t and Daniel transforms into the Reverse-Flash as he responds, “Because I’m a killer.”


After being absent for a few issues, Barry’s supporting cast is back. It’s good to see Barry’s father Henry again, as well as Iris and Wally. It’s refreshing to see that Barry is still able to make time for a life outside of being the Flash.

Also, we see Henry adding to the pressure for Barry to come clean to Iris about being the Flash. Does Barry’s hesitation to tell Iris come from a fear of rejection? And if Iris realizes that Barry is holding back some big secret, will that drive a wedge between them?

Also, it’s good to see Captain Boomerang make an appearance. His absence from the Rogues leaves a noticeable hole, but he can’t be running with the Rogues and be kept under lock and key by Waller at the same time. But Williamson found a believable way to get this classic Flash foe back in the title.

It seems to me a bit illogical that Waller denied that Reverse-Flash was ever in Belle Reve. The Flash already knows about the Suicide Squad, and that Waller uses incarcerated super villains on the Squad. What further harm would it do her to admit that Reverse-Flash had been in the Squad? On the other hand, maybe there are some yet revealed reasons that the Flash and Kid Flash will uncover as they continue their search for Daniel West.

The inclusion of Captain Boomerang hearkens back to the classic silver age stories where Barry battled him. But Boomerang’s status as a member of the Suicide Squad is being built upon, instead of being retconned away. This is keeping in line with the DC Rebirth ethos of recapturing the classic feel, but keeping the story moving forward.


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