Review: Future Quest #11

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Doc Shaner

The Future Quest team is all together trying to fight the evil, dastardly, most vicious world eating Omnikron. Heroes work with heroes. Villains work with heroes. Monsters, cave people. Mightor, robots, boy band super teams fill the Grand Canyon with clones. This book has just a bit of everything. It seems that everyone gets at least one line. The last stand has begun.

Doc Shaner, you are my hero. This book is everything I wanted this series to be, which is a total throwback to the old school Hanna-Barbera shows that work as the source material here. I follow Doc on Twitter. If you do not, you should. He posts the most amazing art there. Free. Seriously. The thing about Doc is that he manages to make things look totally realistic and modern while keeping the throwback look that he has mastered. Honestly, the man is amazing. Just take a look below:

Everything about this page is sharp and detailed, yet, it has soft edges and makes you feel like you are watching TV in the 70s. Brilliant job. In fact, let’s take a look at some more shall we?

Everything matters. The perspective he uses. The shading. The deep thoughtful looks. Just amazing. Wow. I feel like I am there with them. Doc. Really. Thank you.

This is the second to last issue in what was the originally planned 12-issue run. It is called “The Last Stand,” yet it felt like a beginning. Does that mean we get more Future Quest? I kind of hope so. More on that later in the verdict section. Sorry.

The negative thing here is this is a reset. Johnny introduces the whole team and explains why they are all there. It seems out of place for issue 11 of 12. If someone is just picking this up now and can have the whole thing explained in a POV smart phone video by Johnny Quest, that means the previous 10 issues were not worth your time. I think they were, but it just feels like filler.

I am not sure if there is a future for Future Quest but I suspect there is. I am hoping for short chunks of team up time. The Impossibles and Space Ghost. Johnny Quest and Birdman. You get it. That would be big fun. For now, I am looking forward to see what happens in issue 12. Doc, Jeff, you have my attention.

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