Review: Deathstroke #15

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan

Deathstroke is blind! Thanks to his encounter with The Raptor, Deathstroke has his suit back, but his sight is leaving him. The only person that can even remotely save him is — a Teen Titan?!

Priest tells a good story in this issue. We’ve seen Slade broken before, but I don’t believe we’ve seen him like this in a while. Priest has the world’s greatest assassin relying on a super smart teenager for survival! I enjoyed it very much, and I must admit that I thought that I wouldn’t. Tanya Spears is a 16 year old former Teen Titan who’s helping Slade thinking that he’s a superhero, and she couldn’t be more wrong! However the two actually work pretty well together as a team, and I hope she shows up again soon later on in the series.

I have no complaints about this book. The pacing is great and the story is full of betrayal from virtually everyone Slade knows. It seems that Slade’s own children aren’t even safe from betrayal and lies and I think we have a few more issues left before everything comes full circle. I have a feeling Deathstroke will be standing right in the middle when it does too.

Deathstroke #15 is a good read, especially is you’ve been reading the series as a whole. Rose has finally decided to leave home, and I’m excited that she’s ready to go back into the world. She seems determined not to follow in Slade’s footsteps and I’m eager to see how she goes about doing things differently. Tanya was also a great addition, and I must admit I thought she’d slow Slade down. Priest proved me wrong and I loved her interactions with Slade, and she proved just how valuable she was to him. Priest at the book’s conclusion does a wonderful job of leaving us on a cliffhanger that involves a blind Deathstroke in a shootout!

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