The JUSTICE LEAGUE Go International!

by JC Alvarez
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It’s perhaps the most viewed trailer of the upcoming blockbuster season of releases, but every time the JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer hits a new market (internationally) the teases just keep coming!

It’s big! It’s loud! And from the looks of things, the world is pretty much coming to an end, and the world is going to have to wait until later this year (November to be exact) to see how it all turns out when Warner Bros. finally unleashes the Justice League — insert big sign here! The film has been promised to fans for more than two decades, and has experienced its share of false starts and stops over the years, but when director Zack Snyder took the helm of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe with Man of Steel the duty went to one-time Watchman filmmaker to make this happen.

Obviously the studio is pulling no punches with an international promotional push and time to make up after Marvel Films which has had close to a decade of wins since releasing Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. in 2008 and launching the Avengers (the symbiotic combination of all their solo standing big-screen heroes), that the anticipation surrounding Justice League is fever pitched and palpable. The recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set the tone and introduced the trinity of heroes that are the cornerstone of the DC Comics universe.

It’s only appropriate that the aforementioned Batman and Superman, joined later this season by Wonder Woman who will be properly positioned in her own stand-alone feature before “Uniting the League”. The Caped Crusader (as recently played by Ben Affleck) has already appeared across another recent DC Cinematic release Suicide Squad and his faster than the wind teammate The Flash (played by Ezra Miller) also made an inspired cameo in that feature, but when the Justice League comes together in November they’ll be joined by both Aquaman and Cyborg.

As glimpsed in the trailer, and promoted across all the international promo releases as well, the universe of the feature films will expand to include such famous locations as Atlantis home of Arthur Curry, the Aquaman (his royal consort Mera is glimpsed in the trailer) and Gotham City returns center stage as Batman is seen manning the Batmobile as well as chatting with Commissioner Gordon on a rooftop. An army of Amazons (apparently) are also seen engaged in battle with the attacking armies of what appear to obviously be parademons from Apokolips!

Certainly this first, full Official Trailer has whet the appetite for these signature heroes, and willingly fans will no doubt line-up at the box office as the lead up to Justice League comes closer still!

Check out the International Trailer (UK) below which is strikingly very similar to its Domestic counterpart and stay tuned as we bring you more news on the feature film as it becomes available:

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