The Joke’s on DC in New Book

by Duke Harrington
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Hey, what does Superman use to cook eggs?

A pan of steel!


That’s just one of more than 600 puns, gags and riddles in The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book.

Released March 28 by Downtown Bookworks, the 176-page paperback lists for $12.99 and contains such stumpers as: What is Zatanna’s favorite holiday song? Answer: “We Witch You a Merry Christmas.”


Okay, so the book is written for kids ages 6 and up. Still, in assessing the tome for, reviewer Farid-ul-Haq said, “The jokes are kid-friendly, but I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this book because they do make a lot of sense.

“The entire book is just so awesome,” he says.

The book is co-authored by Michael Robin, Sarah Parvis, and Noah Smith.

“I have a great deal of respect for these icons, Smith said. “So, I tried to write jokes that were funny without making fun of the characters or the idea of superheroes as a whole. I hope I succeeded because you don’t want people who can bend steel with their bare hands mad at you.”

Robin, meanwhile, is notable for the 2014 kids book, Super Heroes: My First Dictionary, also from Downtown Bookworks, and also focused on DC heroes.

For the seasoned DC fan, there are a few oddities in the book, however. For one thing, the cover is a retouched Alex Toth panel from the Super Friends issue of DC’s treasury-sized book, Limited Collectors’ Edition (which went on sale Sept. 4, 1975), only with Hawkman, The Atom, Red Tornado and Robin cropped out, and Batgirl added in, Meanwhile, it was is surely an indignity for the King of the Seven Seas, Aquaman head in the group shot is replaced with that of Cyborg.

Meanwhile, all of the characters depicted inside appear to be taken from early-1980s model sheets, if not clipped from actual comics of the period. That seems an odd choice, to break kids in on version of the characters not published by DC for nearly 40 years. But then, DC Comics and whatever branch of Warner Bothers handles the licensing are probably operating out of entirely different playbooks. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn the people in Warner Bros. Consumer Products don’t even realize the company still publishes comic books.

Also, and I’ve noticed this on a few WBCP releases lately — when did we stop hyphenating super-hero. Isn’t that the form of the word jointly trademarked by DC and Marvel? But lately I’m seeing it in numerous places not as “super-hero,” but “Super Hero.”

Small, thing, but still . . .

Ah, well,the important thing is all the jokes this book has to offer, even if they are mostly of the Dixie Cup variety.

Hey, do you suppose Green Arrow would like to visit Robin Hood’s forest?

He Sherwood!






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