Powerless is on Fire

by Duke Harrington
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There’s an old saying that if it looks like Fire, and it sounds like Fire, it’s probably Fire.

Okay, that’s a duck, but same thing.

On last night’s episode of NBC’s Powerless, entitled, “Van v. Emily: Dawn of Justice,” Natalie Morales (not the same Natalie Morales who anchors The Today Show — I checked) appeared in the opening segment as celadon-coiffed super-hero Green Fury. She saves Teddy (Danny Pudi) from falling off a building, prompting him to spend the rest of the episode trying to get her to go out on a date with him. Hey, worked for Lois.

In a Twitter preview of her hair style, Morales intimated her character may be around for several episodes, saying, “Guess who’s got green hair and starts her run on @NBCPowerless tonight?”

Here’s a look at her debut:


But is Green Fury actually Beatriz Bonilla da Costa, the Justice Leaguer and former Global Guardian known as Fire? IMBD.com links the character to 1997 Justice League pilot, so that’s definitive. But why “Green Fury” and not “Fire?” According to Comicbook.com, Morales replied to a fan enquiry saying, “We…address it.”

That explanation may come as soon as Powerless‘ upcoming April 20 episode, which, given the title, “Green Furious,” promises to be Morales-centric.


Now, if we can have Fire, why not Ice.? And if Fire and Ice, why not Blue and Gold? And why not a little Guy, too? Why, before you know it, Powerless could become the Justice League International TV series we’ve all always wanted.

And then it might even be funny.


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