[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artists: Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion & Mike Spicer

Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to meet celebrities and our idols. Thanks to globalization it happens more often now but is still quite rare. One of these rare cases occurred for Kong Kenan though and he got to meet Superman.

The Man of Steel came to fight Luthor and the China White Triad in the midst of their fight over the Ox and Horse Rings. Quickly the whole situation blows up and the armies of Diyu strike!! How might the Supermen fair against such mystical creatures? Does the New Super-Man have the same vulnerability to magic that the original does? What will Kenan, and the readers, learn about Master I-Ching?

The best part of this issue is seeing how Kong Kenan compares himself to Superman. Unlike most teens, he isn’t worried about the huge muscles that he lacks in comparison to the Man of Steel. Instead, he really sees it as an opportunity for growth. He watches Superman on the attack and how he uses his powers. With his master whispering in his ear, he focuses again and improves himself.

There is also a moment between the Man of Steel and New Super-Man atop the Daily Planet which is summed up perfectly when Kenan has a crass thought and the Man of Steel acts exactly as he you think he should.

This issue is fantastic! It has absolutely everything great that this series needs. We get to see Kong Kenan expand his powers, Superman being amazing, and tons of action. Not to mention a perfect bonding moment between our new hero and the ultimate idol, and person he is meant to emulate.

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