[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Art Baltazar & Franco
Artist: Art Baltazar

The Justice League must face Darkseid and his army of parademons.

I love the cover. It sells the scope of this issue well. The boom tube is used to create a pretty cool color effect with a fiery red. In general, I still really like Art Baltazar’s art style in this. The designs are fun and colorful but also very unique.

I love the sound effect descriptions. They’re often just literally what is happening. If someone lifts someone off the ground, the sound effect is “lift.” My favorite is the description of Flash running which is just “speed.”

A lot of heroes are involved in the big battle; it almost feels like an event comic and it’s a lot of fun. Various different characters get to take part in fighting parademons and Darkseid as well as some Batman villains. The issue feels big. There’s some fun uses of powers in how the heroes beat Darkseid.

I still don’t like Darkseid’s design. I’m not sure what it is about it that bugs me. It might be because every other is still very much that character. They’re someone redesigned but still feel like the characters I’m used. When I see Baltazar’s take on Batgirl, I see Batgirl. With Darkseid, he’s so different that there is a bit of a disconnect for me.

This is a solid issue. It’s big and fun with a lot of nice humor, creative action and a unique art style. I always look forward to reading this series.

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