Review: Deathstroke #17

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Christopher Priest
Pencils: Joe Bennett

Slade Wilson is still blind but has now been exposed! Tanya, the former Teen Titan who’s been helping Slade recover, finally has made the discovery of who he really is! Can Slade survive a fight against a girl with super strength and unbreakable skin?

This story was very enjoyable from start to finish. It’s a great story of betrayal on all fronts, but I think Tanya and Rose took the most pain in this particular issue. A lot of revelations came full circle in this issue, and Priest pulls no punches page after page. Bennett does a wonderful job with our art which is very detailed and he brings such emotion to the characters. The tears that stream from Tanya’s face the moment Slade confirms who he is was done brilliantly.

Deathstroke #17 wraps up a lot of the character interactions in Slade Wilson’s world. Although there are a lot of supporting characters in this issue, Priest doesn’t slow the feel of the book because of it. Instead he gives you brief but harsh truths that come out from the supporting cast of Slade’s world, while at the same time keeping you focused on the fight between Slade and Tanya. I’m definitely looking forward to next issue as we have Slade attending his son’s own wedding — with consequences, I’m sure.

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