Review: Super-Sons #3

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Amazo really is the villain that just keeps on hitting! Ever since the Amazo Virus (Justice League #35) it’s only been getting worse. Luthor unleashed the Amazo virus on the world and it corrupted and twisted just about every person in the world. For a time the world was filled with super powers, much like DC Universe Online, but then it got dark and people started dying of it. After the cure was developed and distributed the world returned to “Normal” but about 3% of the populace kept their powers.

Some of these were the Super-Duffys, a family of red headed heroes with amazing powers. Superboy met Sara last issue in the forest and now the three of them are on the run from an army of Batbots and Superbots! What will they do when they have to fight an army of the greatest heroes on Earth? How will this little girl Sara help them? Or will she too try to kill them?

Robin and Superboy are easily the DC Universe’s version of Carter and Lee from Rush Hour. They are so unique as characters and Jimenez superbly illustrates this. From the way he draws their faces, Damian’s eyes are sharp, his expressions compressed, while Jonathan’s eyes are large and his expressions just splashed across his face.

Their fighting styles further emphasize their differences. Damian is continually calculated and no matter the situation he is in he can be seen with an angle of attack or his body is postured to strike. Jonathan, like his father, often charges fists first and slugs his opponent as hard as he can not worrying about the next attack. Jimenez goes so far as to make him look sloppy and uncoordinated.

Tomasi also deserves praise as well. The creative way the he is using the Amazo virus to create new heroes but also new villains is fun to see. It is a perfect metaphor for puberty but also allows for some very dark storytelling that is almost unexpected in the fun and so far, light-hearted book.

I look forward to seeing how the story of the Super-Duffys plays out and hope that Robin and Superboy can find a way out of the treacherous situation they have been drawn into!

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