Holy BatCast’s host Andy DiGenova recently sat down with Richard Centrone and had a chat about his stunt work. Centrone is Affleck’s Batman stunt double in both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Geez I wish my own podcast (hem hem DC Films Podcast) was that popular. Centrone had a lot to say about his stunt work and gave some pretty cool stories. First on the agenda is the news about the Kinghtmare Batman scene. This scene was not in the original script and was decided on in the middle of shooting, according to Cintrone. He says it only took about a day or two of shooting but he only had a hour’s sleep so he was a pretty tired Bat!

Centrone then revealed that he was asked by Zack Snyder to be the stunt double in Ayer’s Suicide Squad to keep Batman’s movements fluid and fighting style consistent. The funniest bit about his work? He was the one carrying Robbie’s Harley Quinn to the Batmobile, but it was Affleck that got to give her some love…hem hem…I mean mouth-to-mouth. Centrone also had an awkward encounter with Jared Leto, since he stayed in character throughout the entire filming. While shooting the Batman on Joker’s car scene they had to break to touch up Harley’s makeup and fix lighting. Cut from the release, (pun totally intended) Batman uses a power saw to cut a hole in the roof to get to Joker. So Jared Leto is staring up at Batman, played by Cintrone for this scene, and Leto started making weird creepy noises at him and said “you’re a cute one, hahaha.” Talk about AWESOME! Unfortunately for Leto, Cintrone started playing at Leto’s own game with him!

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