Review: Savage Things #3

by Tiffany Khelfa
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(Editors note: This review may contain spoilers.)

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Ibrahim Moustafah


This issue really starts with a bang. We see teammates running alongside each other on a track. There are two men who appear to be coaches of some sort, speaking about them as they go. The team is running an endurance race, and the coaches are speaking of what will happen upon losing. Just then, a runner collapses, automatically losing the race. We soon figure out what will happen if you lose.

After the event, it seems as if the one who murdered his teammate is comforted by the adults. Being that this is the first issue I have read, I was shocked by this. You can tell he is shocked as well, considering what he had just done. He looks down at his shirt and sees all of the blood. Meanwhile, the adults are asking if he’s okay, and one even offered him fruit punch. The young man is seemingly the only one affected by this act.



This issue was filled with nothing but action, from beginning to end. We see the protagonists pushed to their limits in multiple stressful situations.


While this comic was very exciting, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. I’m mainly intrigued by the opening scene, but it was very confusing. If this is an issue you are interested in, make sure to check out #1 and #2.


The writing by Jordan was most impressive. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire issue. We can all look forward to a fourth issue very soon. The art by Moustafah made the comic pop. I’m excited to see more of it in the next issue.

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