Review: Justice League of America #6

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Andy MacDonald

Batman and the Justice League of America are still fighting the army of Aegeus in the streets of the city! Meanwhile, the Atom has snuck into Aegeus’ compound undetected! Can the Atom defeat Aegeus and stop his technology advanced armies for good?

This book was full of action from beginning to end and I enjoyed it. Not only did we have the front line of Batman, the Ray, Canary and Vixen, but also Lobo was in the mix as well. Out of all of the characters on this new team so far, I’m fascinated by Lobo and Killer Frost. It’s been a joy seeing them travel a difficult road of redemption — especially Killer Frost, who sometimes feels that she’s not worthy of it. I’ve noticed a interesting relationship build up between Canary and Killer Frost so I hope that maybe Steve Orlando might have them team up at some point in the future.

My only complaint about this book was the ending of the Aegeus character at the end. In the last issue he comes across as a villain of extravagance, and he seems to have a well laid out plan. However towards the end of this issue he comes off as nothing more than an evil weapons maker. I thought he’d have more of a plan besides generally making and selling weapons but that was it. It came across as slightly generic and mediocre. Hopefully Aegeus is just a one shot because I went from enjoying him in the previous issue, to not approving of him in this one.

Overall Justice League of America #6 is a decent read. There’s plenty of action, a good story, and I love to see things from a villain’s point of view. The struggles that Lobo and Killer Frost make to being heroes go from straight funny, to some serious emotional moments. It seems that there’s also a connection between the Atom and Lobo as well and I hope Orlando definitely explores that in an issue! With the Atom being so smart and serious, contrasted by Lobo’s craziness, I can only imagine what would happen with those two! I must admit that I was pretty uncertain about the team that Batman had put together, but so far I’m enjoying the ride!

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