Review: Wonder Woman #22

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Mirka Andolfo & Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Wonder Woman goes out on a date with Veronica.

The cover by Bilquis Evely and Romulo Fajardo Jr. is pretty cool. Veronica and Diana both look great and it’s an interesting image of Diana watching Veronica.

The interior art is by Mirka Andolfo with colors by Fajardo Jr. and it’s great. Diana is gorgeous; I love how Andolfo draws the characters. Fajardo Jr.’s colors, as usual, give the book a cool aesthetic that I love.

I love the basic premise of the hero and villain going on a date. They’re both trying to get information and figure the other one out but also acting genuinely sweet at certain moments. It’s a really interesting and engaging dynamic.

The idea of Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor bidding on a date with Diana is hilarious to me. Bruce could just ask her out; they work together. That just made me laugh.

I love superheroes fighting bad guys in civilian clothes. Superhero costumes are awesome but I like changing it up sometimes. It’s fun to see Diana kick ass in just jeans and a tank top. I don’t know why but I think it’s cool.

The ending is great. I love the reveals of what information Diana and Veronica wanted out of that date. I also like that how sad Diana looks in the art. She wants to trust this person but knows she cannot because of what happened with Cheetah. There seems to a respect and admiration from both sides but too much has gone wrong in Veronica’s life.

This is a great issue. I adore the art and colors; this is a gorgeous book. The plot is simple but effective. Diana and Veronica are two interesting characters and it’s fun to see them just talk.

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