‘Wonder Woman’ Receives Positive Early Response

by Joshua Raynor
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Early twitter reactions have hit the web for DC’s next live-action film, the long-awaited feature film debut of the Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman.  And those reactions seem to be widely positive.

The spoiler free tweets express a general enthusiasm, with a few specifically heaping praise on Patty Jenkins’ skill as a director as well as Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the Amazon hero.  Here are a few of the things people had to say:

“@AndrewKruzel @PattyJenks I can’t get into specifics but @GalGadot gives a beautiful, nuanced, powerful performance, @PattyJenks is SO GOOD with actors. #WonderWoman” –Marc Andreyko (@marcandreyko)

“Heard some Wonder Woman reactions. Can’t say anything except I can’t wait for everyone to hear them.” –Paul Shirey (@arcticninjapaul)

“I just saw Wonder Woman. Not allowed to talk about it yet… but will say Patty Jenkins is a wonderful human who is too good for this world.” –Anna Klassen (@AnnaJKlassen)

“#WonderWoman has more action than #BatmanvSuperman” –Batman-News.com (@BatmanNewsCom)

“Saw something tonight been dreaming about since I was little. “Wonder” what it was? 🤐@wonderwomanfilm #sheiswonderwoman #wonderwoman” –Tiffany Smith (@TiffanysTweets)

“@Tay_Hartman @BatmanNewsCom It was me! I’m embargoed but I suppose they started it. It really is good. Dark but funny too. Gadot is great and the Amazons are brilliant” –Andy Lea (@andyleasreviews)

“When seeing Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Justice League #1 is the second coolest part of the evening, I realize how lucky I am.” –Andrew Dyce (@andrewbdyce)

Now, it’s true, early Twitter reactions aren’t always an accurate representation of how critics will respond to a film (see: Batman v Superman and Fantastic Four), but it is promising to hear these reactions anyways.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters on June 2, 2017.

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