Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Details Released

by Brandon Richardson
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As part of  CW’s fall announcement,  a teaser trailer showcasing season 3  of Legends of Tomorrow was released. If you need a refresher then let me catch you up to speed here.

While trying to stop the Legion of Doom they crash-landed in Los Angeles where things weren’t exactly how we would remember or see it with a menagerie of buildings from different time periods to include seeing a t-rex! With all of this and going back to a period in time where they had already been apart of it had disrupted the timeline and caused the anachronism. That seven dollar word, according to Google, means an act of attributing a custom event, or object to a period to which it does not belong. So basically, the time rift in which allowed the t-rex to be able to exist and go towards their crash.

What this means now is that they have to find their own timelines before it is too late. Of course with Rip Hunter and his newly established Time Bureau, they only question the methods in which the Legends are trying to make things right. The Time Bureau call them out and say that it is too chaotic or messy and that their way is better. This really puts a bind on them that makes them argue among the Legends and forces them to disband, until later when Mick Rory discovers one of them while vacationing in Aruba. This causes Sara to jump into action getting the team back together to challenge the rule that the Time Bureau is attempting to maintain.

Now that we have an idea we can safely assume that their are going to be some new villains and obscure heroes to join the Waverider. Given the current trend of The CW it is safe to guess that season 3 will probably come out in early October since that has been their m.o. for their superhero series. What has been confirmed is that The CW has DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returning on Tuesdays at 9 P.M. ET this fall. But once we have more information we will inform you. Until then here is the teaser lineup for your viewing pleasure.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U36hZg-pIi0&w=640&h=360]


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