Review: Wonder Woman #23

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artists: Liam Sharp & Hi-Fi



Diana learns Ares’ history and then must defeat his sons.



The cover by Liam Sharp and Laura Martin is fantastic. I love the Ares tree; it looks so cool. I also love that Diana and Hippolyta are on opposite sides; they’re separated because of Ares. The red background is a nice touch as well.

The interior art is by Sharp with colors by Hi-Fi. It looks great. While most of the issue takes place in a dark and small cave, there are flashback panels that are just gorgeous. The stuff in the cave looks good too but that’s mostly the characters. The detail in the cave is nice but it is just a cave.

Greg Rucka adds some interesting elements to the history of Ares and the Amazons. Purists may not love what Rucka does but I think it’s interesting. I really enjoyed getting this new history and new purpose for the Amazons. It also adds a lot more tragedy to Diana’s story that is genuinely sad.

I really liked how everything came together. Rucka has been building towards this for almost a year and it’s not disappointing. It was unexpected and interesting. There is a good reason Diana has not be able to go to Themyscira.



This issue has no negatives worth talking about.



This is a great issue and a solid ending for this story. Rucka pulls off a satisfying conclusion while creating a new history for the Amazons that is interesting and makes an engaging story. The art is solid as well with an awesome fight between the Amazons and Ares’ sons. I highly recommend reading this issue.



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