Wonder Woman Setting Up Possible Bane Origin

by Brandon Richardson
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With Wonder Woman smashing the box office and everything, it is no surprise that it has the ability to give way to future movies in the DCEU. Now, if you have seen it then great, other wise potential SPOILERS ahead!

Now early in the film there is a scene where Dr. Maru, aka Dr. Poison, gives a new formula that she has developed to General Ludendorff. This new formula is an inhalant that gives the user enhanced strength and aggression in small bursts with a cool secondary effect of turning your skin clear with crackling energy flowing through your body. Plus you get all black eyes.

Of course Wonder Woman fights him and wins. But it is then revealed that Ares shows up and tells us how he whispered into Dr. Maru’s ear which influenced her to make the inhalant to cause Diana to attack the wrong person!

This causes Diana and Steve  Trevor to destroy all the gas and fight Ares in a pretty epic battle. Now comes the obvious question you have been wondering, how does this connect to Bane? Well, as you may know Bane has two classic signals or “tell-tales” that make him so recognizable; the crazy wrestler mask and his gadget that pumps “Venom” into his body through the base of his skull.

So going back to Dr. Maru and how she was able to escape from Wonder Woman. It would make complete sense that she could refine the gas inhalant and make it more potent, which could become the “Venom” that Bane uses. With that I would love to see a revised version of Poison Ivy and Bane duo. Let’s face it, the last time these two were together wasn’t epic but more of a fun movie to watch. Sorry Arnold, maybe sit this one out.

What do you think? Do you see this as a good source for Bane’s origin story? Sound off in the comments.

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